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The company's motto: "A good deal is one where everyone involved is satisfied." (T. Baťa) The company KAUFMANN BAU s.r.o. originated from the parent company FERMAN s.r.l. established in 2000 in Italy (Modena). The company opened its first branch in Slovakia in 2006, focusing on wood production.

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" Our work, our hobby. "

Our company focuses on craft work in the field of interior and exterior construction, mainly in European countries: Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany.


Our company covers a wide range of services in the field of woodworking. Fields in which our company operates: - Joinery work in production


Our company operates in this sector mainly in the assembly of electrical installations in apartment houses, hotels, yachts, etc ..


Divisions in which we operate: - Dry constructions Assembly of load-bearing structures, plasterboard, sealing, grinding.


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KAUFMANN BAU s.r.o., which is focused primarily on assembly work in the field of construction, especially in European countries where the company can offer a wide range of professionals. As a company, we perform craft activities in 5 European countries: Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland.