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    About the company

    "A good deal is one where everyone involved is happy."

    T. Baťa

    Welcome to KAUFMANN s.r.o., which was created from the parent company FERMAN s.r.l., founded in Italy in 2000 (Modena). With determination and passion, we opened our first branch in Slovakia in 2006, specializing in woodworking. We are proud members of the KAUFMANN group, a family that includes our partners - KAUFMANN BAU s.r.o., KAUFMANN Craft s.r.o. We are engaged in the production of woodworking, the manufacture of customized furniture and provide a wide range of services in the construction industry. Our clear vision is to provide services exactly to our clients' expectations with an emphasis on the highest quality. Our production is based in Slovakia, but our services are also directed further afield in Europe, specifically to countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, with the aim of expanding to other countries. And why Slovakia? Slovakia is the fourth most forested country in Europe after Sweden, Finland and Austria. This fact is important for us culturally for craftsmen and our professional activities. We are proud that, thanks to the satisfaction of our clients and our good work, we form an important part of their daily business and are one of the leading construction companies in Europe. We pride ourselves on the craftsmanship and precision we bring to every project. Our collaboration is not just business as usual, it's a strategic partnership that delivers exceptional results. We are confident that together we can bring something unique to your project. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and transform your vision into reality. KAUFMANN s.r.o. - your reliable partner for excellent results.
    About us
    About us