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    Welcome to the world of professional services from KAUFMANN s.r.o.! Our company boasts a broad portfolio that includes production in the field of woodworking, specifically the production of customized furniture and craftsmanship in the field of construction. Every project is a challenge and an opportunity for us to demonstrate our craftsmanship and passion for quality. Take a closer look at our services and discover how we can contribute to the uniqueness of your project. We are here to meet your expectations and create an environment that will excite you.



    Our company covers a wide range of workers in the field of woodworking. The fields in which we operates include mainly carpentry and joinery work.

     Carpentry work
    Installation of interiors, interiors of ocean-going ships and yachts, hotels, restaurants, installation of wooden acoustic ceilings, wall cladding, equipment of wellness centres, boutiques, shops, business centres, private residences, as well as home furnishings, etc. 

     Construction - carpentry work
    Installation of doors, windows, wooden ventilated facades. 

     Joinery work

    In this area we focus on the installation of trusses, wooden structures, prefabricated wooden houses, prefabricated halls and also the installation of wooden ventilated facades and the installation of terraces. 

     Floor installation work
    We also focus on the installation of various types of floors, whether solid or laminate, glued directly to the concrete subfloor or laid dry. We carry out installation from A to Z. From the cleaning of the concrete subfloor through laying, possible grinding and varnishing to the installation of skirting boards. 

     Lacquer work
    We have experts for the woodwork finishing industry. Each of our clients has different finishing technologies, of which our experts are a part.

    Custom furniture production

    Custom furniture production

    We adapt furniture to your ideas and needs. Our bespoke furniture workshop is where ancient craftsmanship meets modern technology and cutting-edge design. At every step of the manufacturing process, we make sure that the furniture carries not only aesthetic value, but also practical sense in any interior. Have you opted for a modern minimalist style or do you prefer a more classic design? We adapt our creations to your preferences. Whether it's a wardrobe exactly to your measurements, a practical and comfortable desk or a kitchen unit, our production is always about your individual requirements.



    Our expertise extends to several key areas where we excel in providing quality workers.

     Dry building.
    We handle the installation of load-bearing structures, drywall work, and even details such as caulking and sanding. Our experience in dry construction guarantees precise and reliable work. Whether it's a new construction or renovation of an existing one, we are ready to deliver solutions for an optimal result.

    Our painting work is a story of color and creativity. We practice both hand and machine painting, providing a look that adds quality and character to your space.

    At Masonry we are experts in partitioning, bricklaying, plastering and concreting. Our skills in this area mean that we can handle each project with precision and care to every detail.

    Our expertise doesn't just stop at interior work. We are also specialists in roofing, where we combine precision engineering, quality materials and aesthetics. Whether it's the roof of a house or another building, we provide reliable and long-lasting solutions. We have specialists in our team who focus on plumbing - falcated systems and other different types of metal roofing systems. We also have a team of roofers specialising in concrete, clay and slate roofing. 

    We also provide excavation services. Whether it's preparing a construction pit, leveling the ground, or installing utilities, our experienced staff is equipped for a variety of excavation tasks. Regardless of the size and complexity of the project, our approach and reliability allow us to successfully complete excavation work for our clients.

     Exterior Landscaping
    We provide comprehensive landscaping services that transform the exterior into the optimum look you desire. Our experienced and professional group is dedicated to landscaping, including leveling, terrain modeling, garden design and site preparation for further construction work. Whether it's a small garden project or large-scale site improvements, our experts bring quality, efficiency and an aesthetic approach that contributes to creating an environment exactly how you want it.

    Our goal is to bring unique know-how to every project. We are happy to be involved in every detail in order to achieve optimal and comprehensive solutions for our clients. Your satisfaction and trust in our work are our best rewards.



    Our workers can comprehensive solutions in the field of electrical installations. From domestic installations to commercial and industrial installations, our electrical experts are prepared for every type of project. We provide reliable and efficient electrical installations that ensure optimal functioning of electrical systems in any environment. Safety, reliability and efficiency are our main goals for your project.



    We are engaged in metal fabrication and production of metal structures, where we reliably combine traditional craftsmanship techniques with modern technological processes.

    We provide extensive services in welding to a variety of industries. We specialize in pipe welding in refineries, boiler rooms, heating plants, food processing plants (dairies, etc.), air and water distribution in manufacturing halls and other industries. We use a wide range of welding methods including TIG, MIG/MAG (CO2 shielded), AC/DC (coated electrode) and flame welding.

    Our experts are dedicated to thorough material preparation prior to welding, including grinding, cleaning, and even material fitting. Their meticulous work ensures that the material is optimally prepared for welding, thereby enhancing the final quality.

    We have experienced metalworking locksmiths who handle a variety of tasks, including assembling, machining, and preparing metals for various applications. Their skills encompass a variety of metal work and ensure accurate and reliable results.



    We specialise in creating unique and durable stonework.

    We carry out specialist tiling work, with our workers focusing mainly on interiors such as bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and living rooms. Whether it's floors, walls or skirting boards, we provide precise and aesthetically pleasing tiling solutions that meet your individual needs.

     Natural stone cladding
    Our stonemasonry skills include natural stone cladding, not only indoors but also outdoors. We undertake work such as stairs, walls, wine cellars, spa rooms and more. With natural stone, we create unique and durable surfaces that add quality and distinctive style to any environment.



    In order to provide comprehensive services, we are available to serve you with our dedicated plumbing, heating, and air experts. Industries we serve:

    Our plumbing experts work to design, install, and maintain water and sewer systems for commercial, industrial, and residential projects. We perform expert work including the installation of plumbing fixtures, sanitary fixtures, pumps, and other components. We focus on the efficiency and reliability of our solutions to ensure optimal plumbing performance in any environment.

    We provide expert heating services are widely used in a variety of industries, including commercial, industrial and residential projects. We provide comprehensive heating solutions, with our experts working to optimize energy-efficient systems. We carry out installations of modern heating technologies, including underfloor heating, radiators and hot water systems. We focus on providing efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly solutions for every project, with an emphasis on comfort and energy savings for the end user.

     Air Conditioning
    HVAC work is performed in our manufacturing facility, where we build new customized air handling equipment according to drawings. Our experts focus on precise and specific solutions that meet the needs of manufacturing environments.

     Refrigeration technology
    As with air conditioning, our refrigeration work is carried out in the manufacturing plant. We build new customized air handling and refrigeration equipment according to drawings, ensuring reliable cooling and ideal climatic conditions for the environment.