Our company covers a wide range of services in the field of woodworking. Fields in which our company operates:

Joinery work in production
The work is focused on the production of specific custom furniture, or. semi-finished product according to the drawing documentation.

Joinery installation work
Final assembly of carpentry products at our customer - furniture, installation of interiors of ocean liners and yachts, hotels, restaurant equipment, installation of wooden acoustic ceilings, wall tiles, wellness center equipment, etc.

Construction and carpentry assembly work
Installation of doors and windows at our customer.

Floor assembly work
The work is focused on the installation of various types of floors, whether solid or laminate glued directly to a concrete base or laid dry. We carry out installations from A to Z. From cleaning the concrete base through laying, possible sanding and painting to the installation of skirting boards.

Painting work
This work is performed mainly in production at our customers in a professionally equipped paint shop or in our production in Slovakia where we also have professional equipment.

Carpentry work
In this area, we focus on the installation of trusses and wooden structures. Also for the installation of wooden ventilated facades and installation of terraces.

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